New security feature!


Beginning 11/20/2018 Twin Lakes will begin blocking email logins from countries other than the US, Canada, and Mexico by default. This change is being made to help secure your email account from unauthorized access. You may opt out of this default at any time by changing your Country Authentication Restrictions settings in your  security settings or by contacting support at


Important Email Account Information for Device Setup


For the incoming account: 

                * Connection Type: IMAP
                * Port: 993
                * Security Option: SSL
                * Hostname:
                * Username: <your current email address>
                * Password: <your current password> 

For the outgoing account:

                * Hostname:
                * Port: 587
                * Security Option: STARTTLS (TLS)
                * Check "My server requires authentication"
                * Username: <your current email address>
                * Password: <your password> 

24 Hour Technical Support is available at:

  • Click here to email Technical Support.
  • (931) 268-5420